The Long March was a 9000 km military retreat lasting 370 days in 1934. The route passed through some of the roughest terrain of western China and began Mao’s ascent to power. In 2002 a commune of artists from Beijing retraced the route, engaging with the villagers along the way through performances, lectures, participatory art projects, and exhibitions. The Long March @ the U of A brings this event to our campus by asking students, professors, and staff to make the march along a path featuring a series of fourteen pop-up exhibitions.

Our goals:

  • To address political, economic, environmental, and social justice issues through Chinese art
  • To create an opportunity to learn about Chinese artists, past and present, who are working in China and across the globe
  • To create a sense of community through art
  • To break down the artificial conditions of display in art galleries

Hope to see you on the march! This Wednesday 12:30-1:50.

Thanks, Grace McLean, for the map design!

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